The Math Corner Store

Summer will be here before we know it! On top of the fun summer camps Math Corner offers, we also have other ways to keep your kids engaged over the summer. A newer addition to the center is the Math Corner Store! We sell plenty of fun study tools and games for students from elementary to middle school grade levels.

One of the more popular items we sell is the Wrap Up. They are a simple, yet fun tool that can help a student practice their addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions! The Wrap Ups offer a unique way to help students memorize math facts, as  you wrap the string from the problem on the left to the answer on the right, then simply turn them over to see if you got the correct answer. These are also very portable! You can take them with you on your vacations this summer, whether it be a road trip, a flight, or even a boating trip!

Other items we sell include:

  • Flash cards for several different math topics
  • Fraction towers
  • Geometry folder (includes a red pen, a highlighter, a compass, a protractor, and graph paper)
  • whiteboard bundle (includes a whiteboard, expo markers, and an eraser)
  • Geometric shapes
  • The Zoom Game

To avoid forgetting all the things you learned this school year, keep your math skills current by practicing with one of these tools this summer.

You can see these items on display at our location during our hours of operation.


Spring Break

Math Corner will be closed from April 7th through April 16th for Spring Break. We will reopen with our normal hours on April 17th.

If you have any questions or concerns over the break you can email us at

We hope everyone has a fun and safe Spring Break!


































E.O.C. Bootcamp

With high school proficiencies being a thing of the past, students now must pass End of Course (EOC) Exams. Students must take four end-of-course exams to graduate. These exams include algebra I, geometry, reading and writing. The soonest offerings of this exam is April 24th.

Here are the four W’s to the EOC Exam:

Who: Algebra & Geometry Students

What: Spring Break Bootcamp

Math Corner has created programs focusing specifically on the math sections of the EOC Exam. These programs are for students currently in Algebra and Geometry, who understand the concepts from class but need practice applying those concepts in a more challenging problem set. This program is a small group format aimed at increasing students exposure to EOC type questions.
When: Monday April 10th through Wednesday April 12th from 3-6p.m.

Why: Students need exposure to the challenging EOC problems as many teachers are not focusing their classroom activities to relate to these

Sign up by emailing or call us at (702)405-9900. The last day to sign up is Thursday April 6th.

Summer Camps

Summer is right around the corner! This year we are offering a great variety of fun, creative, and education summer camps. Now is the time to sign your child up!

For elementary and middle school students we have the following camps available:

Magical World of Math  – this one week Harry Potter themed camp will challenge students to learn and practice math skills in fun ways through the world of Harry Potter

Art Squared – this one week camp will explore geometrical concepts through fun, hands on art activities including building and designing both 2D and 3D shapes

It’s Just Logical – this one week camp will help students practice critical thinking skills through fun activities including chess and computer coding.

The below three are multi week camps with either a 6 week option or 3 week option.

  • Elementary FUNdamentals – this is camp intended for students entering 4th or 5th grade which focuses on Fractions / Decimals / Geometry and more with fun activities.  
  • Arithmetic Mastery – this camp is ideal for students transitioning to middle school (6th and 7th) grade by introducing them to key topics (integers, proportions and more) while also practicing fractions and decimals with fun activities
  • Foundations of Algebra – this camp is ideal for students entering Pre-Algebra or needing to solidify concepts from Pre-Algebra before entering Algebra I.  

For high school students, the following camps are available:

NEW:  Finance 101 – created by parent request, this one week camp investigates critical finance planning and life skills ideal for students thinking about obtaining employment or going to college.  These are skills they should learn in High School but don’t!

NEW:  I.C.E. (Independent Cross-disciplinary Exploration)  – this 3 week seminar will allow students to explore their interests in guided research sessions with the goal of developing an informative or persuasive presentation.  This camp is ideal for students interested in science or research and will be a great intro to college level work.

Kickstart – As in past years we will offer Kickstart which is a 1 on 1 program intended to help students prepare for their upcoming math class through a combination of teaching ahead and filling in knowledge gaps from previous years material.  Kickstart is five weeks, twice per week for a total of 10 sessions and starts the week after 4th of July.  Kickstart is offered for Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calc, Calculus and ACT/SAT prep.  

Our tutors had a lot of fun creating these camps! We hope all our students love them.

You can contact us with any questions regarding the camps. We also have flyers made for each camp, so feel free to stop in and grab them!

Student Spotlight!

Every once in a while we will be doing a student spotlight! This is where we ask one of our students some questions about themselves and their experience at Math Corner. This week our student spotlight is on Gillian!

Gillian is a senior at Northwest Career and Technical Academy. She has been coming to Math Corner for 1 year now. She first heard about the center from her friend Kristen. She is currently taking College Prep math. The thing Gillian loves the most about Math Corner is that she feels very confident on all her tests and quizzes. Gillian’s favorite subject in school is sports medicine, her favorite color is pink,and her favorite food is a cheeseburger. Gillian plans on attending University of Nevada, Reno in the Fall.

We’re Open!

kidsMath Corner is a locally owned and operated tutoring center that was designed specifically to meet the needs of students in our area. We’re not a franchise with strict rigid rules, so we can tailor and adapt as students and standards change. Nevada is going through a complete overhaul of curriculum and testing and we will be ahead of the competition in adapting since we’re the closest to the action.

We give personalized attention to each student and develop a plan to achieve the individual student’s mathematical goals. Underperforming students often have several reasons and circumstances for mathematical deficiencies. Some of which cannot be discovered through a mere assessment and categorization. At Math Corner, we discover the needs of the student through math interaction. Questioning if a student can explain concepts or adequately follow a course of action to solve a problem are just a few ways the tutor can see where the student needs certain adjustment and offer supplemental practice.

We offer multiple services which were designed specifically to help with the issues Nevada students face in math. Some students just need a little clarification to tie up their understanding of specific topics. Other students continue to make errors on previous years material because they didn’t receive adequate practice when they learned it. We have designed specific sessions just for these students.