Plan your summer at Math Corner

We are very excited to unveil our summer camps and offerings this Sunday at 4pm. If you can’t make it to the event, that’s ok! We will be distributing all of our summer information Monday to all current Math Corner families. If you have any questions or would like the information emailed to you just send us an email at . pexels-photo-297755.jpeg


Final Exams

Due to the change to the school calendar, final exams are now before winter break.

That means there are only three weeks left to prepare.

Semester examinations usually account for 10-20% of  students overall grade. Generally these exams cover topics from the entire semester and are written at the district level. Usually teachers distribute a sample exam with over a hundred problems some time the week before the exam. This leaves students feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to begin.

The Answer is to not wait for this packet. By reviewing your own notes and materials now you can get a jump start.

Tips to prepare for cumulative examinations.

  1. Begin Reviewing early.
  2. Categorize topics based on how well you understand them.
  3. Make sure you don’t leave out any topics or special cases that may have been less covered due to time constraints.
  4. Build connections between topics to help understand and remember them.
  5. Ask for clarifications or examples on any topics that you still aren’t sure about.
  6. Practice problems regularly.


How can I get my students to do math every day?

Math Corner has been working on developing a program that will encourage students to build a strong math foundation that has them practice math on a daily basis.

And it’s finally here Infinity Math Pack!


What is Infinity Math Pack?

Infinity Math Pack is a club we created to encourage all students to work on math concepts every day to increase their overall skills and confidence. Many parents have been asking for us to create a flexible, affordable program for students, particularly elementary through Pre- Algebra, to learn and practice their math skills.

As part of Infinity Math Pack, students will receive access to an online math learning platform and can work at their own pace. Periodically, students will receive custom feedback from one of our expert staff and when needed, can schedule a power session. Power sessions will provide true one-on-one learning of concepts they are currently struggling with or help with understanding of new topics to get ahead of their class. The online component provides an adaptive diagnostic and unlimited interactive questions with detailed explanations. There’s even an app to practice on the go!

Parents and students will receive exclusive discounts on products at the Math Corner store and discounts on workshops (including the Parent Series). Another great perk is that they can participate in challenges and attend family events.

How will this club benefit a student currently enrolled at Math Corner?

For the current students, the club will provide both, access to unlimited problems which their tutor can assign to target specific skill areas and the motivation to do these additional practice problems by participating in the contests. Encouraging the student to practice those skill areas independently will strengthen their math foundation and would allow them to use their limited time with their tutor more efficiently. Students can also use the program to preview new topics before they are taught in class to increase comprehension. Infinity Math Pack is a perfect supplement for current students needing to continue practicing skills from prior classes or students that receive little to no daily homework from their teacher.

How can I encourage my child to participate?

We have made that easy for you! Our program includes participation in family events and monthly contests and prizes and special Winter and Spring Break challenges. Students are recognized for their effort and achievements and are rewarded with prizes. Monthly contests will be held and judged based on factors like most questions completed, most time dedicated and most skills mastered. Leaderboards will be updated and emailed weekly. Any student who works on the online problems in their plan for at least five minutes per day, five days a week for an entire month will be eligible to win a prize.

What is included in the cost?

The Infinity Math Membership can be purchased for the school year and/or our special Summer Challenge. For the school year, there are two different packages, Starter Pack and Classic Pack, which both run through May 24th, 2017 (last day of the school year for CCSD). Both packages include access to an assessment, unlimited math questions, contests, discounts and perks, as well as progress reviews. In addition to everything included with the Starter Pack, members of the Classic Pack will also receive some special perks and an onboarding session with an assessment review that will introduce the parents and the student to the learning platform and provide topic recommendations. The Starter and Classic Packs are priced at $100 and $175, respectively, for the entire school year. Current Math Corner families will receive a $25 discount for students attending or their siblings. Information on continuing with the Summer Challenge will be announced in March 2018.

What discounts are included?

All families will receive a $10 discount for each workshop by using a special discount code given at sign up. Those purchasing the Starter Pack will receive a 10% discount on the items in the Math Corner store. The Classic Pack members will get a 20% discount at the Math Corner store, a free club t-shirt and a free bring-a-friend ticket to our family events.

What are power sessions?

Power sessions are 30 minute private tutoring sessions that can be scheduled on an as needed basis. Power sessions are for students 1st grade through Pre-Algebra, struggling with a specific topic or needing additional assistance with difficult concepts. Each session can be purchased and scheduled online using the link provided at sign up.

Is the online component of Infinity Math Pack exclusive to Math Corner?

No, we are using IXL, which provides an immersive learning experience aligned to the Nevada math standards. As an independent tutoring center, it would be impossible for us to have created an expansive curriculum that met the needs of our students, so we spent many months looking at all of the options available and determined IXL was the best fit for how we intend to use it with students that are part of the Infinity Math Pack.

How can I monitor my student’s progress?

By completing the regular practice problems and diagnostic questions, you’ll always have an accurate profile of your student available immediately. The diagnostic will outline a plan of what the student should work on to advance to the next level. We will also review each student’s progress and send out progress reports. Starter Pack members will receive an initial progress review within a month of start date and three other reviews coinciding with Winter Break, Spring Break and Summer Break. Classic Pack members will receive an initial progress review during an onboarding session and monthly progress reviews thereafter.

How can I get started?

Stop by our office to fill out the enrollment paperwork to get started. Students will then receive information to login and complete the adaptive assessment. From there, students will schedule their onboarding session for the Classic Pack or receive their initial progress review for the Starter Pack. Parents will want to keep an eye out for weekly email with the current leaderboard and announcements.

The XYZ’s of Math

originalAs math tutors we will often ask new students if they know of or can provide an example of a particular concept. Usually the response is a resounding no. So when we start to demonstrate an example, then some students perk up and can actually can articulate some knowledge about how to solve the problem.

Some may say well yes that is because you are only asking students who attend tutoring and thus are behind in math skills. This is actually not the case. As we have a variety of students at different levels of mathematical maturity this is a common thread. If you are parent with a student 6th grade or older give them a verbal quiz.

What is an integer?

What is a factor?

What is a divisor?

If your student has trouble explaining these concepts or at the very least cannot provide and example then they have a math gap.

So what is this gap? Math Vocabulary!

This is not anyone in particular’s fault. As it goes math is primarily number intensive. This leaves students with the sense that the names and definitions just aren’t as important as knowing how to solve the problem. While yes solving the problem is important, we strive for our student’s at Math Corner to have balance. Not only should they know how to solve the problem, they should also be able to interpret meaning, give examples, explain why certain methods are better than others. Students who do not have this balance will often under perform when it comes to standardized tests such as ACT and SAT.

Since we discovered so many students with this same gap we decided to create a workshop/seminar to give students tools and techniques to study math vocab.

Will the students spend an hour and half making FlashCards?     NO!

We at Math Corner have been researching various techniques, methods and games to make the study process an inviting  possibly fun exercise. We will be sharing these methods with your student and giving them a chance to try them out and see what works for them. Also we will be giving them a list of vocabulary they should know for their grade level, so they can get to work using these techniques right away to increase their math fluency.

If you are interested in signing up for this workshop please click the link below.

Sign Up Here

Look out End of Course results on their way

End of Course exams are the replacement graduation requirement to the proficiency exam. There are two separate math portions called Math 1 and Math 2.

We have been spending a lot of time in the past year focusing on student preparation for the new End of Course Exams including launching our EOC Prep Program / Bootcamp and more.  This upcoming year EOC prep will begin in October to ensure students are solid on 1st semester material without having to rush.   Results should be appearing on students’ infinite campus this week and mailed results will come out later this month.  To access the results on infinite campus follow the below instructions.
1.  Login to Infinite Campus and choose the appropriate student from the tab (if more than one CCSD student)
2.  Click the Academic Progress tab on the left toolbar
3.  For grade information, click Semester 2 tabs for Algebra and Geometry respectively (if there’s no Geometry tab, it will be located in a more general Mathematics tab).  The survey needs second semester grades for both classes.
4.  On the same Academic Progress tab, look further down for Test Requirements which should contain a tab for EOC Math 1 and Math 2 (separate tabs).  Clicking the plus sign will show the data if available (this years scores may not yet be available).  Please note the Scaled Score and level for each.

What’s your ACT score?

Here is a link to a recent article showing many Nevada High School students are not college ready based on their ACT score.

Article on ACT scores

At Math Corner we offer Practice ACT (Math portion only) tests. We give a simulated test environment so students can get used to time constraints. See our events page on EventBrite (linked below) if you are interested in attending.

Math Corner’s practice math ACT



Fall Q&A at Math Corner

When can I stop by to find out information about fall programs?

Right now! We are open Monday-Thursday from 1pm to 7:30pm. Also, we will be hosting a FREE back to school open house Sunday August 20th from 5pm-7pm. Mark your calendars!

What do I need to do to ensure my students starts the school year in the right direction for their math class?

Fill out our Fall Commitment form and place a $100 deposit to secure your spot at Math Corner. Program offerings, day and time preferences can be filled out on the back of the form. The form is due by July 27th for priority scheduling and can be submitted in person during our business hours or scanned back to us.

We will also be requiring all parents to execute a new Studio Policy which will be sent after we receive your Fall Commitment form and must be executed by August 20th (after first week of school and the day of our Back to School event).

Who is the new assistant? 

We would like everyone to welcome Rachel as our new assistant. She has been a student at Math Corner for the past two years (since we first opened at the old location) and is now attending UNLV. Please feel free to drop off forms and/or payments with Rachel. Rachel can also verify scheduled sessions times / days and give other basic information about programs and upcoming events.  If there is a question she cannot answer, she will relay it to Chris and ensure you receive a prompt reply if he’s not immediately available.

What are the changes to F.A.S.T for this school year?

In order to offer more FAST options throughout the week we instituted a duration change from seventy-five minutes to one hour. We feel this will have minimal to no impact as most students completed their homework within an hour last year anyway.  FAST will remain $150 per month.

What are the changes for private sessions this school year?

We continue to offer private session in packages.

Secant (formerly known as the GOLD package) is now  $370.

Tangent (formerly known as the Silver package) is now $190.

This increase in price is necessary as Math Corner is now offering more services for its clients.

Private lessons are still fifty-five minutes in duration and monthly packages will be prorated as they were before.

My student attends an online charter school, has your program changed?

Yes. We are now requiring a note-taking session prior to each private session to ensure the student is watching all of the appropriate videos and taking notes from the teacher provided resources prior to their session.  This is simulating the class environment in which all students have had the opportunity to explore the subject prior to working with the tutor.  If students do not attend their note taking session, the accompanying private session will be forfeited.  We are very serious about this new program to improve the progress of students attending these programs and students not dedicated to actively using that note taking time may not be renewed in the upcoming months.

For this first pilot year, there is no charge for the note taking session which will take place in our office prior to each session (unsupervised).  We are making this change as it is necessary to ensure students have accessed the teacher provided resources (lectures, notes, etc.) prior to class in a manner somewhat representing a classroom lecture setting.

Without this amendment to our policy, students coming to Math Corner each session without accessing any of the course material would be equivalent to a traditional student missing an entire week of class and expecting to catch up on all homework, fully understand all topics and prepare for tests in 2-3 hours per week.  This is unrealistic and leads to students not proficient in the material.  We wish better for all of our students which led to the institution of this new program.

My student will be taking Geometry Honors or Algebra II Honors at Arbor View, are you still offering supplemental instruction for those specific courses?

Yes.  We have adjusted the time to 6-7:15pm and the days to Monday – Wednesday to allow more students to arrive on time and to align with the exams being given often on the longer Thursday block periods.  The cost will remain $250 per month as it was last year.  This program is the most beneficial option in town for these to classes as we are intimately familiar with how they operate and constructed this program specifically to meet the needs of students in these challenging courses.

Summer Q&A

Now that the school year is over, we are getting many calls and email inquiries from new parents asking questions about our summer programs. To make things easier for everyone, here is a brief Q&A of the most frequently asked questions about summer so far. If you have specific questions not answered in this post, please send us a private message, call or stop by during our business hours.

Q: Am I too late to sign up for summer?
A: No. We have one week and multi-week camps with scheduling options starting in July.

Q: What ages of students do you have programs for?
A: Entering 3rd grade through Calculus. We have different tutors specializing in different areas. See this link for a breakdown of most of our summer offerings or contact us directly for a recommendation for your individual student’s situation.

Q: How is your program compared to XYZ franchise math center?
A: Completely different. Most of those centers operate on a test/worksheet model. We offer small group, interactive activity-based camps that students truly enjoy! We also offer private custom skill building and Kickstart preparation for high school students through AP Calculus. Learn these harder topics from instructors with the highest level of expertise and relatability.

Q: Am I required to sign a contract for X months or pay a registration/testing fee to start?
A: No. Students love coming here and parents like the results and progress their students make, so we don’t need contracts to keep people here. We let you choose each month (or camp) if you feel we are the best fit for your child.

Q: Do you offer private sessions during the summer to help with summer school?
A: Yes. We have a number of students doing credit retrieval, retaking for a better grade or getting ahead on classes.

Q: What is the cost of your summer camps?
A: Camps range from $250 – $400 for the scheduled camps. We are also offering a $50 multi-camp discount to families looking to enroll siblings or one student in multiple camps. Private sessions for skill building or summer school are charged on a per session basis depending on the number of sessions booked.

Q: What is the qualification of your staff?
A: The two center owners are instructors at UNLV with math degrees and almost all staff is either teaching at or completing degrees at UNLV. We pride ourself on creating an environment that students want to participate in and our number 1 goal is to improve student confidence. Every program we offer we created in house to directly meet the needs of students in our area. We’re not a franchise so we can adapt, improve and add programs specific to our local students as needed to continue to improve the experience our students receive here.

Q: I want my child to work on math skills, but I can’t commit to any camps due to vacations or work schedules. Do you have anything that can help?
A: We have a small retail section (Math Corner Store) which we carry some great math products that we use at the center to help students practice math facts. Most items are $10-$20 and our number one seller is the Learning WrapUps which are a fun way to practice skills that can be done on the go or at home.