5 Reasons to choose Math Corner

1. We’re locally owned and not a franchise! We developed every service we offer to

meet the needs of Nevada students, not some cookie cutter strategy that’s supposed to

work for every student in every state. As education requirements change we are the

quickest to react and offer new services because we don’t need franchise approval

2. We offer a combination of the best of everything our competition has to offer. If

your student needs 1 on 1 attention, we have extremely qualified tutors to work with

them individually. If your student just needs a little help to improve their grade, we have

small group help for them. We have services that account for many different situations

and budgets.

3. We don’t believe in long term commitment contracts. You’ll stay our clients because

we have the best service, pricing and student results not because we made you sign a

commitment to us. We prove to you every month that you made the right choice by

entrusting us with assisting your child’s math needs. In our opinion, customer loyalty

is earned and not granted by a contract.

4. We offer assessment testing but we don’t believe in mandatory testing prior to even

speaking to your child. Why pay for a test instead of for sessions that will help your

student? Some students have different needs than a standard test would reveal. We

identify those needs on a personal basis and give you a personalized plan of action for

your student.

5. Our owners have degrees in math instead of MBA’s. Our business is using our math

expertise to understand your child’s personal math needs. We do everything possible to

improve their math confidence and skills. We judge our success based on how many

students we helped. We’re your neighborhood math center just trying to make a

difference in the community.


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