Final Exams

Due to the change to the school calendar, final exams are now before winter break.

That means there are only three weeks left to prepare.

Semester examinations usually account for 10-20% of  students overall grade. Generally these exams cover topics from the entire semester and are written at the district level. Usually teachers distribute a sample exam with over a hundred problems some time the week before the exam. This leaves students feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to begin.

The Answer is to not wait for this packet. By reviewing your own notes and materials now you can get a jump start.

Tips to prepare for cumulative examinations.

  1. Begin Reviewing early.
  2. Categorize topics based on how well you understand them.
  3. Make sure you don’t leave out any topics or special cases that may have been less covered due to time constraints.
  4. Build connections between topics to help understand and remember them.
  5. Ask for clarifications or examples on any topics that you still aren’t sure about.
  6. Practice problems regularly.



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