Fall Q&A at Math Corner

When can I stop by to find out information about fall programs?

Right now! We are open Monday-Thursday from 1pm to 7:30pm. Also, we will be hosting a FREE back to school open house Sunday August 20th from 5pm-7pm. Mark your calendars!

What do I need to do to ensure my students starts the school year in the right direction for their math class?

Fill out our Fall Commitment form and place a $100 deposit to secure your spot at Math Corner. Program offerings, day and time preferences can be filled out on the back of the form. The form is due by July 27th for priority scheduling and can be submitted in person during our business hours or scanned back to us.

We will also be requiring all parents to execute a new Studio Policy which will be sent after we receive your Fall Commitment form and must be executed by August 20th (after first week of school and the day of our Back to School event).

Who is the new assistant? 

We would like everyone to welcome Rachel as our new assistant. She has been a student at Math Corner for the past two years (since we first opened at the old location) and is now attending UNLV. Please feel free to drop off forms and/or payments with Rachel. Rachel can also verify scheduled sessions times / days and give other basic information about programs and upcoming events.  If there is a question she cannot answer, she will relay it to Chris and ensure you receive a prompt reply if he’s not immediately available.

What are the changes to F.A.S.T for this school year?

In order to offer more FAST options throughout the week we instituted a duration change from seventy-five minutes to one hour. We feel this will have minimal to no impact as most students completed their homework within an hour last year anyway.  FAST will remain $150 per month.

What are the changes for private sessions this school year?

We continue to offer private session in packages.

Secant (formerly known as the GOLD package) is now  $370.

Tangent (formerly known as the Silver package) is now $190.

This increase in price is necessary as Math Corner is now offering more services for its clients.

Private lessons are still fifty-five minutes in duration and monthly packages will be prorated as they were before.

My student attends an online charter school, has your program changed?

Yes. We are now requiring a note-taking session prior to each private session to ensure the student is watching all of the appropriate videos and taking notes from the teacher provided resources prior to their session.  This is simulating the class environment in which all students have had the opportunity to explore the subject prior to working with the tutor.  If students do not attend their note taking session, the accompanying private session will be forfeited.  We are very serious about this new program to improve the progress of students attending these programs and students not dedicated to actively using that note taking time may not be renewed in the upcoming months.

For this first pilot year, there is no charge for the note taking session which will take place in our office prior to each session (unsupervised).  We are making this change as it is necessary to ensure students have accessed the teacher provided resources (lectures, notes, etc.) prior to class in a manner somewhat representing a classroom lecture setting.

Without this amendment to our policy, students coming to Math Corner each session without accessing any of the course material would be equivalent to a traditional student missing an entire week of class and expecting to catch up on all homework, fully understand all topics and prepare for tests in 2-3 hours per week.  This is unrealistic and leads to students not proficient in the material.  We wish better for all of our students which led to the institution of this new program.

My student will be taking Geometry Honors or Algebra II Honors at Arbor View, are you still offering supplemental instruction for those specific courses?

Yes.  We have adjusted the time to 6-7:15pm and the days to Monday – Wednesday to allow more students to arrive on time and to align with the exams being given often on the longer Thursday block periods.  The cost will remain $250 per month as it was last year.  This program is the most beneficial option in town for these to classes as we are intimately familiar with how they operate and constructed this program specifically to meet the needs of students in these challenging courses.


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