Summer Q&A

Now that the school year is over, we are getting many calls and email inquiries from new parents asking questions about our summer programs. To make things easier for everyone, here is a brief Q&A of the most frequently asked questions about summer so far. If you have specific questions not answered in this post, please send us a private message, call or stop by during our business hours.

Q: Am I too late to sign up for summer?
A: No. We have one week and multi-week camps with scheduling options starting in July.

Q: What ages of students do you have programs for?
A: Entering 3rd grade through Calculus. We have different tutors specializing in different areas. See this link for a breakdown of most of our summer offerings or contact us directly for a recommendation for your individual student’s situation.

Q: How is your program compared to XYZ franchise math center?
A: Completely different. Most of those centers operate on a test/worksheet model. We offer small group, interactive activity-based camps that students truly enjoy! We also offer private custom skill building and Kickstart preparation for high school students through AP Calculus. Learn these harder topics from instructors with the highest level of expertise and relatability.

Q: Am I required to sign a contract for X months or pay a registration/testing fee to start?
A: No. Students love coming here and parents like the results and progress their students make, so we don’t need contracts to keep people here. We let you choose each month (or camp) if you feel we are the best fit for your child.

Q: Do you offer private sessions during the summer to help with summer school?
A: Yes. We have a number of students doing credit retrieval, retaking for a better grade or getting ahead on classes.

Q: What is the cost of your summer camps?
A: Camps range from $250 – $400 for the scheduled camps. We are also offering a $50 multi-camp discount to families looking to enroll siblings or one student in multiple camps. Private sessions for skill building or summer school are charged on a per session basis depending on the number of sessions booked.

Q: What is the qualification of your staff?
A: The two center owners are instructors at UNLV with math degrees and almost all staff is either teaching at or completing degrees at UNLV. We pride ourself on creating an environment that students want to participate in and our number 1 goal is to improve student confidence. Every program we offer we created in house to directly meet the needs of students in our area. We’re not a franchise so we can adapt, improve and add programs specific to our local students as needed to continue to improve the experience our students receive here.

Q: I want my child to work on math skills, but I can’t commit to any camps due to vacations or work schedules. Do you have anything that can help?
A: We have a small retail section (Math Corner Store) which we carry some great math products that we use at the center to help students practice math facts. Most items are $10-$20 and our number one seller is the Learning WrapUps which are a fun way to practice skills that can be done on the go or at home.


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