E.O.C. Bootcamp

With high school proficiencies being a thing of the past, students now must pass End of Course (EOC) Exams. Students must take four end-of-course exams to graduate. These exams include algebra I, geometry, reading and writing. The soonest offerings of this exam is April 24th.

Here are the four W’s to the EOC Exam:

Who: Algebra & Geometry Students

What: Spring Break Bootcamp

Math Corner has created programs focusing specifically on the math sections of the EOC Exam. These programs are for students currently in Algebra and Geometry, who understand the concepts from class but need practice applying those concepts in a more challenging problem set. This program is a small group format aimed at increasing students exposure to EOC type questions.
When: Monday April 10th through Wednesday April 12th from 3-6p.m.

Why: Students need exposure to the challenging EOC problems as many teachers are not focusing their classroom activities to relate to these

Sign up by emailing themathcornerlv@gmail.com or call us at (702)405-9900. The last day to sign up is Thursday April 6th.


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