Summer Camps

Summer is right around the corner! This year we are offering a great variety of fun, creative, and education summer camps. Now is the time to sign your child up!

For elementary and middle school students we have the following camps available:

Magical World of Math  – this one week Harry Potter themed camp will challenge students to learn and practice math skills in fun ways through the world of Harry Potter

Art Squared – this one week camp will explore geometrical concepts through fun, hands on art activities including building and designing both 2D and 3D shapes

It’s Just Logical – this one week camp will help students practice critical thinking skills through fun activities including chess and computer coding.

The below three are multi week camps with either a 6 week option or 3 week option.

  • Elementary FUNdamentals – this is camp intended for students entering 4th or 5th grade which focuses on Fractions / Decimals / Geometry and more with fun activities.  
  • Arithmetic Mastery – this camp is ideal for students transitioning to middle school (6th and 7th) grade by introducing them to key topics (integers, proportions and more) while also practicing fractions and decimals with fun activities
  • Foundations of Algebra – this camp is ideal for students entering Pre-Algebra or needing to solidify concepts from Pre-Algebra before entering Algebra I.  

For high school students, the following camps are available:

NEW:  Finance 101 – created by parent request, this one week camp investigates critical finance planning and life skills ideal for students thinking about obtaining employment or going to college.  These are skills they should learn in High School but don’t!

NEW:  I.C.E. (Independent Cross-disciplinary Exploration)  – this 3 week seminar will allow students to explore their interests in guided research sessions with the goal of developing an informative or persuasive presentation.  This camp is ideal for students interested in science or research and will be a great intro to college level work.

Kickstart – As in past years we will offer Kickstart which is a 1 on 1 program intended to help students prepare for their upcoming math class through a combination of teaching ahead and filling in knowledge gaps from previous years material.  Kickstart is five weeks, twice per week for a total of 10 sessions and starts the week after 4th of July.  Kickstart is offered for Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calc, Calculus and ACT/SAT prep.  

Our tutors had a lot of fun creating these camps! We hope all our students love them.

You can contact us with any questions regarding the camps. We also have flyers made for each camp, so feel free to stop in and grab them!


9 thoughts on “Summer Camps

  1. Hello,

    To follow up to the previous question and answer. The middle school camps (Arithmetic Mastery) will begin either July 10th and 12th or 11th and 13th? Students essentially will attend 2 times a week? What time are the afternoon and evening sessions on those days? What is the end date, how many weeks will this program run? Thank you


    1. All multi-week camps (except Kickstart) are modular so they have both 3 week and 6 week options. The 6 week option would start the week of June 12th and run through the week ending July 27th (except 4th of July week) and students will attend either MT or WTh for 90 minutes each day. The 3 week options run from June 12-29th or July 10-27th and students would attend Monday – Thursday at the respective times the camp is offered each day.


  2. Great, thank you. I think the 3 week option in July would work best for us. What will the time choices be on those Mondays-Thursdays for the 3 or 6 week options? What is the deadline for early registration?


    1. All camps are run at our center in NW Las Vegas near the 95 and Durango (Norman Rockwell Ln). If your student is struggling I’d recommend the appropriate age of multi week skill based camp. Send us an email ( and with some more specific and I’ll give you a personal recommendation.


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