We’re Open!

kidsMath Corner is a locally owned and operated tutoring center that was designed specifically to meet the needs of students in our area. We’re not a franchise with strict rigid rules, so we can tailor and adapt as students and standards change. Nevada is going through a complete overhaul of curriculum and testing and we will be ahead of the competition in adapting since we’re the closest to the action.

We give personalized attention to each student and develop a plan to achieve the individual student’s mathematical goals. Underperforming students often have several reasons and circumstances for mathematical deficiencies. Some of which cannot be discovered through a mere assessment and categorization. At Math Corner, we discover the needs of the student through math interaction. Questioning if a student can explain concepts or adequately follow a course of action to solve a problem are just a few ways the tutor can see where the student needs certain adjustment and offer supplemental practice.

We offer multiple services which were designed specifically to help with the issues Nevada students face in math. Some students just need a little clarification to tie up their understanding of specific topics. Other students continue to make errors on previous years material because they didn’t receive adequate practice when they learned it. We have designed specific sessions just for these students.


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